Bosio Asti Secco D.o.c.g.
A new sparkling wine

A winebalanced

Made from Moscato bianco, ASTI Secco Docg is the outcome of a research project, in which affirmed professionals explored advanced techniques to exalt the qualities of this unique varietal.

The spumante-making technique, perfected in part by the Consortium’s research laboratory, involves specially designed conditions of contact with selected yeasts, resulting in a balanced and harmonious gustatory and olfactory profile.

The final product is unique and surprising. With its particularly fine and persistent foam, Asti Secco freshens the palate and perfectly accompanies the entire meal. Its bouquet features delicate floral (acacia, lavender, sage) and fruited (apple, pear, banana) notes.

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Let yourself be pampered by our millesimato

Our Asti D.O.C.G Secco is millesimato, that means that only grapes from the declared harvest are used (this is something that the we chose, since the Italian law regarding this wine leave the choice to the producer): this means giving more personality to the product, highlighting the peculiar aspects of the harvest and making the product really better than average standard.

The grapes used to make this wine come from high altitude vineyards where the pedo-climatic conditions are the best for the production of grapes suitable for the production of a great sparkling wine.

The vinification is carried out in reduction, that means, almost total absence of oxygen in order to avoid oxidation and therefore the loss of some aromatic fractions.

Excellent as an aperitif but not only

The meal coupling suggested by our oenlogists are:

• appetiser
• raw fish
• first courses and appetizers based on fish
• white meat
• pasta and risotto
• salads and vegan dishes

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